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Bathroom arrangement

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In the bathroom, the main figure is the bath itself, in fact, for the sake of which a separate space is given, where it occupies most of it. Acrylic baths – are able to completely change all standard stereotypes and the traditional idea that a bath is only an advanced trough in which water procedures were accepted by the distant past.

The online store presents a wide range of acrylic bathtubs, they differ in their configuration, shape and the presence of all kinds of additional accessories that allow you to create a kind of spa at home.

It is worth noting that acrylic baths have several advantages:

Relatively small weight;

There is the possibility of choosing bathtubs of almost any shapes, namely a round, rocky, corner, rectangular, square and others. This allows you to choose a product that will best approach the size of the bathroom itself;

Acrylic baths are environmentally friendly and have excellent sound-and thermal insulation properties.

The disadvantages include the features of product care, they require careful attitude. It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive cleaning agents, in addition, a dent can form with a strong blow, but at the same time cracks and chips are not formed.

The site presents a huge range of products:

Baths with hydromassage;

Products with headrests and armrests;

Separately standing with decorative decoration;

A bath for people with disabilities (the presence of a door is provided).

Many people like to take a shower in the bathroom, however, the absence of such a component as the curtain in the bathroom can turn a pleasant procedure into a rather complex process, which requires not only the flexibility of the body, but also ingenuity from a person, otherwise all flowing water from the shower will be on the floor, walls, furniture and other. That is why the curtains for the bath were so widespread.

These accessories are made of various materials, they can be fabric, vinyl, polyethylene, as well as plastic and glass. In addition, they differ among themselves modifications, since some of the models allow the installation of hydromassage panels.

The company’s website presents a large assortment of hard -shaped bathtubs. It is possible to choose any configuration of the product, it can be curtains for a bath with a sliding system, hard curtains covering the bathroom around its entire perimeter, swing products (coupe) and others.

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