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Do plastic windows need repair

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It’s no secret that high -quality plastic windows installed at your home will last you for many years. But even PVC windows from conscientious and reliable companies tend to slowly become unusable, especially if you use it and insufficient care of them.

For a long time, you may need to replace some parts of plastic windows: accessories, seals, double -glazed windows or installation of a new window structure.

When you all the same began to notice that on the windowsill of the window there was an active appearance of condensate, on double -glazed windows, in the cells. Most likely it was time to replace the worn seal, sealant. You should pay attention not only to the appearance of condensate, but also to the formation of draft. If you do not change sealants in time, ice can fall into small openings and destroy the window until the base.

It happens that the PVC window begins to seize the fittings: the wings are difficult to open, the handles do not turn, the openings appear at the joints of window profiles. In such cases, it is required to replace unsuitable accessories, or window adjustment. Sometimes you should change double -glazed windows.

The main reasons for the malfunction of plastic windows:

The natural and very first reason for which we are not able to influence is of course the time. All mechanisms and products that have served their life become unusable.

Making plastic windows with marriage is the second and most common cause of breakdowns of plastic windows. Not conscientious manufacturers use low -quality materials in the manufacture of plastic windows. Manufacturers who are engaged in this, lure buyers with low prices. Moreover, usually you cannot distinguish high -quality plastic PVC windows from low -quality. Problems begin to appear a few weeks later.

How to still not purchase poor-quality products? First of all, demand from the seller all the necessary documents and certificates. And reliable firms, after installation will provide free warranty service.

Also, the reason for short -lived may not be professional installation. An experienced person should always install plastic windows in his business, while all factors are taken into account: the age of the house and the type of structure. Houses that have recently been built can give a significant shrinkage, in particular, this applies to wooden houses and cottages. The master first take care so that the shrinkage of the house does not affect the condition of plastic windows.

If you want your plastic windows to serve you faithfully and for more than a dozen years, buy them from trusted manufacturers and trust their installation only to an experienced specialist.

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