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Color solution for the kitchen

by bestchicago

You can create an amazing kitchen design using neutral tones with an emphasis on bright elements. Recently, beige color has been popular. He does not bother, does not create discomfort, acts soothingly and is associated with something tasty-cake, coffee or liquor. However, beige kitchen has its own nuances. Color neutral allows you to use it as a decor of the entire surface, but, you should use various shades so that the interior does not merge. It’s good if beige tones change from dark to light from the bottom up. Beige plain design is always successful, especially using bright elements that will save the decor from monotony.

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Red, purple, brown, for example, for furniture tint, can be used as bright spots. Or vice versa, the walls are kept in bright colors, and the furniture – in muffled. Beige facades are offered by all furniture manufacturers, especially in the demand of the cappuccino. Designers offer all kinds of colors. A popular solution is a dark bottom, a bright top and vice versa. Brown – a common option can be used as a dark color, as it perfectly harmonizes with beige or black. It is better to give preference to a kitchen with a brown bottom and a beige top, since light shades are more often dirty, and you will have to arrange cleaning much more often. The combination of beige and red is no less popular, especially if you use not bright scarlet, but burgundy. Beige furniture looks great against the background of peach, brown or burgundy walls. Beige and purple – a good option. In the presence of light furniture, it is quite possible to paint the walls in a lilac color. Nevertheless, you should not experiment with colors such as gray, blue and green, in the end it may not be a too beautiful combination, or you get the effect of dirty furniture.

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