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Color paving stones

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Color paving stones

The color paving stones in itself is a variety of all familiar paving slabs. Thanks to innovation in the field of construction, the color scheme may vary. The manufacturer, to please the buyer, offers all kinds of options from red and ending with juicy green or sunny yellow.

Now it has become fashionable to bring additional colors to my life, even in such an unusual way, like laying the garden paths with all the colors of the rainbow. Impossible puzzles under their feet will give interest not only to those who walk along them, but also to the layers of bars. Whether it is an ordinary sidewalk or parking near a shopping center – the landscape comes to life. What you need to pay attention to is unscrupulous manufacturers, trying to reduce the cost of the cost of products, they save on dyes thereby reducing the “color operation of the color” service. This does not mean that in a few years the tile will completely spoil it out, just it will become somewhat more than its original appearance. To prevent this, it is better to purchase this building material from trusted merchants.

The main advantages of the “paving miracle”:

Operational period up to 50 years.

Persistence and stability on the ground.

Environmental purity.

Remains safe and reliable with any weather whims.

Lightness of laying and dismantling.

Reusable building material.Comfortable sizes for laying.


Where to start?

According to the rules of work, begin with the preparation of the soil and establishing a place in which you need to lay the bars. Depending on this, the right thickness of the stone is selected. For example, a paving stones with a thickness of 80 mm are suitable for a garage, but for the sidewalk and at 60. These data do not affect the strength of the stone. A well -prepared sand pillow and border stone will make facing work with quick and non -energy -intensive. At the end of all manipulations with a stone, a colored paving stones will undoubtedly impress everyone and everyone.

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