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What professions do people need the Ispmanager panel

by buma888

The Ispmanager control panel was developed in Russia and was able to gain enormous popularity. Currently, this product is known not only at home, but also far abroad.

Server control software in a short time has become a fairly popular product that has not lost its popularity for many years. It has become a companion for people of many professions operating in the IT field:

  • system administrators. This product allows you to manage the server directly from the interface, performing a number of actions, such as installing software, setting up security, automating processes, etc.;
  • web developers. They get the opportunity to host the created sites in one control panel using different versions: PHP, Python, etc.;
  • hosting providers who have the opportunity to use the Affiliate Program to sell VPS with this control panel;
  • Website managers. The control panel allows interaction in the way that is necessary at the moment. The work can be done using a website builder or in other ways.

The Ispmanager control panel is published in several versions so that users do not have to pay extra. The Light package is suitable for home use, and people running a business will appreciate the package of the same name.

Description and main advantages of the Ispmanager panel

This product is presented on the IT market in four versions. Now the developers have decided to please users with a new product, the fifth version. It is significantly different from the previous ones, as it has come a long way, during which it has become much more perfect.

Integration of version 5 into three major operating systems is now available:

  • Debian;
  • CentOS;
  • Ubuntu.

This package does not interact with other operating systems.

The creators note the cost-effectiveness of the panel, manifested in careful traffic consumption. To independently integrate this panel into the OS, you need to purchase a licensed product. In pirated versions, a short license is given, for only 2 weeks. This time is only enough for a detailed study of the operation of the panel.

This product is easy and comfortable to work with, which is achieved by a simple and intuitive interface that even a novice user can use. To avoid mistakes, the buttons have hints that pop up during operation.

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