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Decorative tiles

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How to properly and evenly lay out decorative tiles? How to make seams invisible or arrange them spectacular? Decorative tiles – wallpaper for the bathroom, so it is desirable to lay it out to the ceiling. If you have a small bathroom and a toilet, use a laconic color, give up pompous shapes, borders and in no case put a panel on the wall. The easier – the more comfortable.

Remember that ceramics are of different varieties, while not always the most expensive imported tile is better. In order to put the tiles qualitatively, first of all, the surfaces should be leveled, waterproofing the floor and start it on the wall. Old tiles need to be knocked down.

Previously, tiles were laid on a cement mortar – today it is a time -consuming method hopelessly outdated. Now the tiles are applied using special glue, which evenly presses it, protects from cracking, makes it possible to drill holes for screws anywhere.

There are special ceramic shields that imitate a drawing of any complexity, which is also placed on a special glue. For lack of special materials, the tile should not be glued to boostilate, oil paint or PVA glue; When this base is dry, the tile cracks.

Remember that there is an alternative wall tile – the bathroom can be pushed with glass wallpaper and painted with water -pushing paint. The floor tile differs from wall in thickness and size, it should be with a rough surface to exclude sliding. When repairing, the old tile can not be shot down: the new one is placed on glue, which in its properties and composition also differs from the wall – it is designed for horizontal load.

Keep in mind that the larger the tiles, the more carefully it must be laid out, but thick seams allow you to align the most hopeless surfaces. Using special construction “crosses”, you will achieve high -quality seams and joints. The seams are better to smear with color cement, but there are materials that are put in the end – these include marble and granite

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