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Venetian plaster for wall decoration

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It is no secret that during repair, special attention must be paid to wall decoration, since the walls are always in sight. Today, Venetian plaster is used very often for decorative wall decoration, which is an exquisite decorative coating, which in appearance can be compared with unnatural marble. It should be noted that Venetian plaster goes well with many finishing materials, and also perfectly decorates the interiors of the premises. The main component of this plaster is the dust of such valuable rocks as onyx, malachite, marble, granite, etc.D. The beauty and subtlety of the picture depends on the size of grains of stones. In general, Venetian plaster is very beautiful, stylish and modern. This coating is easy to repair, as well as ease of care.

In terms of work, the presented wall covering can be called one of the most expensive to date, because the technology of applying Venetian plaster in time and quite complex. In addition, only professionals with extensive work experience can apply Venetian plaster. For example, for the finish of a living area of ​​30 square meters, craftsmen can take from two to three weeks. Dark pigments of plaster look very beautiful on the walls: black, blue, burgundy, etc.D. After the finishing work is completed, Venetian plaster can even be washed (if necessary) only without the use of any aggressive compositions. Traditionally, the wizard of Venetian plaster is performed in one color, if desired, you can create a beautiful multi -color coating. If we talk about the technology of imposing plaster, then it combines the subtle of the finest layer of finishing material, the operation of smoothing and polishing. The thickness of the finished coating is approximately 3-5 mm. With all this, Venetian plaster has a fairly high vapor permeability, so that climatic comfort is created in the premises. If desired, you can strengthen the shine of the plaster, having done the grinding surgery with wax: then the Venetian plaster will truly look very impressive.

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