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Advantages of autonomous water supply

by bestchicago

For urban residents, engineering networks, such as water supply, have become so familiar in everyday life that without them it is impossible to imagine life in a high -rise house. Naturally, when considering the option of living outside the city, one of the first conditions for the citizen will be the presence of a water supply in the house. There are ready -made solutions – cottage villages of economy class, equipped with everything necessary, and no different in terms of comfort, from city apartments. But if you want to build a country house on your own, then you need to approach the issue of building a water supply on the site with all attention.

You need to start at the stage of designing the future home. To do this, determine the source of water on the site or in the village. As a rule, wells or wells are used as such. The cleanest water will provide the well, but this is the most expensive solution. Ending the cottages in the suburbs of the water supply system from the well, developers significantly reduce the cost of work for future owners, t. to. costs are evenly distributed throughout the village.

In addition to arranging a well, a pump will be required. Based on the water horizon, it is necessary to select either a superficial or submersible mechanism. It is also necessary to purchase a water drive, a check valve and a filter system into the system.

On the modern market, ready -made sets are offered for organizing a water supply in a country house – household automatic pumping stations. One set connects the pump, accumulative tank, check valve and automation. Such a system makes a slight noise when working, which allows you to install it in a utility room or basement.

High requirements are presented to the method of laying pipes. In our latitudes in winter, the soil freezes quite deeply, so it is necessary to take care of its treatment with anti -corrosion material and insulation. When laying pipes, attention should be paid to ensuring the slope towards the well. In winter, natural outflow of water will protect the system from defrosting.

Of course, many potential developers have the upcoming difficulties, and they, along with the construction of a suburban cottage, consider options for buying an apartment inexpensively to avoid temporary and financial costs.

Yes, the construction of a country house is a rather complicated engineering process, but if you approach the design and construction responsibly, as well as choose a construction company as a contractor, then there will be much more time, and the dream of a modern country house will be a reality.

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