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The advantages of fiberglass wallpaper

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Fiberglass wallpaper is a modern finishing material with improved characteristics. Initially, they were used only in the decoration of office walls or administrative buildings. Today they were increasingly using ordinary apartments. Fiberbine wallpaper as finishing material began to be used in private houses built from blocks of the Braer factory, as they are perfect in the decoration of any room.

They differ in strength, resistance to abrasion, do not burn and at the same time do not emit toxic gas when heated. Not exposed to fungus, do not attract dust to themselves, are well cleaned by any detergent. Glass wallpaper is made on the basis of ordinary glass, due to which they are absolutely harmless to humans. The undoubted plus of such wallpapers is also that due to their high strength, it is almost impossible to break or scratch them. The wallpaper is therefore durable, environmentally friendly. The walls in the house pasted with glass wallpaper breathe due to their tissue structure. They do not appear damp and mold, do not cause allergies.

This material refers to varieties of wallpaper for painting. It is possible to repaint and change color every year. For a more persistent effect, it is recommended to paint wallpaper with acrylic paint. Latex paints are well suited for this purpose. The wallpaper is very durable and can last up to 30 years.

Perhaps the most difficult moment when working with glass wallpaper will be their cutting. Glass wallpaper of any quality is fragile and crumble with mechanical effects on small particles. The cutting process itself is not difficult. Ordinary scissors or stationery knife will cope with this work. Immediately before gluing each strip of wallpaper on the wall, a special glue is applied with a roller. If the surface of the wall is strongly absorbed by moisture, the glue will need to be diluted with water. Then a strip of wallpaper should be glued without delay on the prepared part of the wall and smooth over the entire surface with a special roller.

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