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Advantages of foam blocks in construction.

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The variety of building materials today favorably distinguishes modern construction from building technologies half a century ago. Today, manufacturers, releasing new building materials, are not afraid to experiment, find new formulas and technologies. This approach significantly reduces the cost of construction and allows you to build buildings much faster. Modern buildings are distinguished by excellent performance, durable and do not need frequent repairs or reconstruction.

One of the new discoveries of the construction area is foam concrete. It is recommended to use it for the construction of buildings intended for long -term residence. Foam blocks are suitable for the construction of any kind of floor building, being a light and relatively inexpensive material. Buildings from foam concrete blocks on average 2-3 times cheaper than those built from expanded clay concrete or brick.

The ease and correct geometric form of this material facilitates the implementation of construction work, accelerates the process of erecting walls, and also significantly reduces labor costs and time. They are completely non -fiery and chemically neutral, and plus everything have the density of wood.

The building built of foam blocks has distinctive properties that speak of quality: Due to the lightness and lack of load on the foundation and walls of the lower floors, it practically does not shrink during operation, has the best indicators of heat, hydroxy and sound insulation, and also does not need it. external decoration and requires a minimum of materials and work for the interior decoration of the room. In addition, due to the saturation of foam blocks, they accumulate and retain heat, which reduces heating costs by 20-30%.

Due to its lightness, foam concrete blocks allow you to make incredible forms of arches and angles without any special difficulties, as well as make holes for pipes and electrical wiring. This material does not prevent the embodiment of the most complicated and unusual architectural projects.

High -quality foam blocks are a modern environmentally friendly, economical and practical material in operation, which can be safely classified as “eternal”, since their life is not limited. Moreover, over time, foam concrete blocks become only stronger.

The builders of residential buildings who have decided to build buildings to buy foam block know that compared to brick, their cost is three times less. And later this material will significantly save on the heating of the dwelling.

Foam blocks are a worthy example of modern building material with a wide scope of application.

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