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The role of an all -weather climate cabinet in the IT sphere

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As you know, to build a network used: switching equipment, cable, patch cords, patch panels, optical pigtails are also called English abbreviation Pigtail. Now we will consider the types of equipment that participate in the construction of Wan/LAN network. Let’s start with the cable since he plays, the most important role in building a network. Information cable is of two types: fiber optical cable and copper cable, based on twisted cores, is called twisted steam. Twisted pair is divided into categories, from the 5th category to category 7a. At the moment, at the approval of the standard by the International Commission, there is a 8th category of twisted pair. Which will provide faster data transmission over short distances. The main difference between the fiber of the optical cable and the twisted pair. The optical cable transmits signals without information packages over long distances. Twisted pair provides wiring within 100 meters. This meter is enough to switch jobs, in the room. The optical cable is reached to the place where the all -weather telecommunication cabinet is located. All -weather cabinets are installed next to the building, or on the roof of the building. Redgen cabinets are divided into: single-section, 2-section, 3 sectional. Different color schemes allow you to satisfy the need of any customer. Whether it is an installation in a country village where you need a climate cabinet made in black. Or a cabinet made in a gray design, for installation on the roof of the house. Further, to build a network, we will need a patch of the EXALAN panel 19 -inch design, which will be installed in the cabinet. To equip the panel, we will need passing adapters, when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account what modifications they are, this will come in handy with the ballast selection of the optical patch of exalan cords. Now, when there is a basic understanding, we move on to the signal output, from the optical cable to the switching panel. To withdraw the signal, we need pigtail welding apparatus and thermal cubic glands of the KDZS. When the transition to the patch panel was carried out, we connect active equipment using optical patch cords. All of the above equipment is deployed in the all -weather cabinet, which retains the service life of the equipment. Inside the cabinet, the permissible temperature and humidity are supported at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions, be it rain, snow, heat. You can purchase all the above equipment in Moscow, there is the possibility of deliveries to any region of Russia. Sonnet Invest company will help you with the selection of equipment and its further compatibility in use.

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