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The most incredible architectural structures in the world

by bestchicago

Modern housing, as a rule, is built with the obligatory observance of criteria such as environmental cleanliness, original design and, undoubtedly, close space. Lack of free space is especially relevant for large megacities. The latest housing construction news publishes reports about the most incredible construction projects that are not only intended for people’s living, but also claim the title of original architectural masterpieces. We will get acquainted with such novelties of the construction market.

Original buildings

The smallest and narrow house not so long ago appeared in Warsaw. Developed a cunning project, a talented architect Yakube chisel. A two -story house in the futuristic style of Keret House amazes with its super -supervisory building. Of course, it is hardly suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia, but the adherents of the motto – “in tightness, but not offended” – will be just right.

The residential skyscraper grew on East Street New York. Expressive design – a living embodiment of the dream of those who always wanted to live on top. And the innovative project was embodied by designer Rem Colhas, who, in turn, fulfilled his dream – created a building symbolizing the cult of overpopulation. He even distorted the structure a little to the side, so that it occupies less free space.

Saving free space is concerned not only in the West, but also. Recently, the housing and communal services of Moscow were cramped with messages about the emergence of a new parasite building! The witty hanging building is unique in that it is located in the spaces between the buildings and has a pleasant video ecological design. The Russian architects developed an innovative project.

The fact that the East is a thin matter is evidenced by two non-standard buildings-a 90-story residential tower in Dubai and the heavenly television tower in Tokyo. The first is notable for expressive landscapes and picturesque views of the Persian Gulf, the second-purple-blue illumination, which can be looked at endlessly.

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