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Stationary concrete pumps – general description and characteristics

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From the second half of the twentieth century to the present, more and more often you can meet the construction of high buildings and structures. This requires the transportation of concrete to a fairly large height. With this task, to cope with stationary concrete pumps with the power. These machines, in addition to the possibility of supplying a concrete mixture to a large height, can also pour concrete in a horizontal plane, at a fairly large distance from the device itself. Among the whole variety of these devices, pumps are very popular and excellent reputation, in circles of builders called as a backstage – these are high -class industrial concrete pumps, the German brand Putzmeister. T. to. The cost of these units can reach up to a dozen million rubles and higher, often more profitable to take a stationary concrete pump for rent for rent. A concrete pump of this type is installed on the platform based. This version gives high mobility in the movement of construction site.

Characteristics of stationary concrete pumps:

Only a correctly selected stationary concrete pump will achieve effective work on the construction site. When choosing a particular model, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, it is necessary to take into account the reserve by power. When choosing a particular model, it should be taken into account the fact that many manufacturers indicate an overstated power indicator. Most often this was noticed by manufacturers of the Asian region-usually China. In particular, the equipment parameters should be alarmed that are equal to theoretical or the leadership says that the solution should have the correct consistency. The service life of high -quality stationary concrete pumps usually is at least 10 years, therefore the cost of these devices is quite high.

As a rule, stationary models of concrete pumps have a capacity of 40-60 m. cube./hour, and a concrete mixture can be supplied to a distance of up to 190 m. The main engine, electric or diesel, is designed to ensure that the concrete mixture is uninterruptedly supplied to a given height. When choosing a certain model, it is necessary to take into account what type the concrete -dressing arrow is installed. How functional the system can be determined by the type of installed arrow – a mechanical concrete -ship, a hydraulic or hydraulic concrete -ship on the columns. As a rule, these elements are key and determining. Each of a separate type of concrete -Rostate is characterized by its own value of the radius of action and, depending on design tasks, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of a certain model.

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