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The past times are leaving when interior doors – namely, the conversation will be about them today – they served as the protection of not only mechanical, but also visual. Not surprising, because the time of communal apartments, when a separate family lived behind each door, made certain requirements. And personal life, despite the total state and public control, nevertheless all possible ways identified a certain right to intimacy.

Today, with all the isolation of a person, there is still a desire to make your home brighter-and more transparent. Therefore, glass becomes much more popular as a material for interior doors.

But if our parents, unlike grandfathers and grandmothers, preferred glass elements in the doors, and a variety of “crumpled” glass, including glass with various spraying. But this was more justifiably technologically – because the technology of the twentieth century did not allow to make the door to glass entirely. Glass was considered too fragile material, which was difficult to adapt as a door leaf, except in a special frame.

However, today the glass doors have become not just full participants in the door leaf market, but occupied their own, a separate niche.

The glass that is used today for the manufacture of doors is either a plexiglass or the so -called safe tempered glass. Doors from “safe” glass, as well as, for example, windows in transport, with a sharp mechanical effect, do not break up into sharp fragments, but form elements with a safe edge. However, hardened glass is not so easy to break, even if you try very hard: the requirements for its strength are only growing every year. Evolution, however, it is not only nature concerns.

Today, glass doors can be made as by enclosing glass into the frame – wooden, plastic or metal, or actually – from glass without any frames and other building elements.

Glass doors can be formed in the form of ordinary, swing, or sliding. Moreover, they can be either single -leaf or double.

When choosing glass doors, you must responsibly approach the choice of accessories – because the durability of your door depends on its quality. However, it is better to entrust this choice for specialists – they are responsible for their choice, because all the doors of the company give a guarantee of several years.

And at this time you can create unique interiors – for example, applying patterns on your doors with stained glass paints, or self -adhesive films ..

And live in a house that will be truly unique ..

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