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Provence -style kitchens: interior, decoration, color scheme

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Provence kitchen decoration is characterized by the fact that there is no artificial perfection in it. Scuffs, roughnesses, cracks and scratches that are revealed by antiquity are exquisite for the Provence style. These small defects are visible with the naked look, and they give the interior of a certain man -made. This applies to both furniture and interior decoration. Forged objects made of brass, copper, as well as terracotta dishes, copper utensils – which are openly standing on shelves, or hang over the table are harmoniously.

If you select kitchen furniture in the Provence style, it will be better to buy a kitchen Kyiv to order. Since the creation of such furniture that will look natural – as if its design was created by time, and not designers, is a very painstaking work, often handmade. It will be very good to put a fireplace that can even be just a decorative. Facing for it to make natural stone, or using the tile “under the stone”.

As for lighting, there should be a lot of natural light. Therefore, curtains and curtains should be light. You can select textiles with stripes or cage, and small floristry is also suitable. Note that the interior decoration of the kitchen in the Provence style is most harmonious when materials are combined with gross texture. Against the backdrop of such contrasts, the knitting with fragrant herbs, woven baskets and backs of chairs will look good for the Provence of Steel. As well as lamps can be massive – with forged elements and candelabrays. The color scheme for the kitchen in the Provence style is a muffled, slightly dull background with bright color accents – turquoise, lavender, sunflower, ocher and terracotta. Another characteristic feature of the kitchen in the style of Provence is wooden piles under the ceiling.

Such an interior, in fact, is a rather complicated work that needs to be done correctly, so as not to violate the natural atmosphere that time itself creates, and not things.

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