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Pour a flat foundation. Some tips

by bestchicago

Any house always starts with the foundation. The durability and strength of the structure depends on how correctly the foundation is poured. Therefore, it is necessary by all the rules to fill the foundation.1) from the very beginning it is worthwhile to mark the construction site. It is necessary to distinguish the site that will correspond to the parameters of the future foundation. Drive pieces of reinforcement in its corners. Then you should pull the fishing line. You need to measure the diagonals. If they coincide, then the corners are in the correct position. Then it is necessary to pull the fishing line and drive pieces of reinforcement along the inner perimeter. Between them you also need to pull the fishing line.

2) Now you can dig a pit under the foundation. The level of its bottom must be even. To check this, it is necessary to use a water level. He will be able to show how exactly the bottom of the foundation is relative to the horizon line. When the pit is leveled, it is necessary to fill the sand pillow on its surface. During the filling process, moisten the sand with water and level the sand, and then compact.

3) then you need to do the formwork. It is made of cut boards. When the shields are knocked out with the help of nails, the frame must be connected to self -tapping screws. It is important that there are no cracks, because a solution of concrete can drain in them. Formwork shields must be strengthened with pegs.

4) the formwork can now be installed in a pit, on the bottom of which you need to put rods of reinforcement and broken brick. It is necessary to lay the reinforcement in two layers, fasten with wire.

5) Now pour a concrete solution. This should be done gradually, during filling the solution, so that the bubbles from the air do not appear inside. The solution is poured to the fishing line. Then it is necessary to flat up a solution of concrete with the help of. Then you should leave the solution for a while so that it cools.

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