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Modern saunas and baths on a suburban area

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On a suburban site you can build a traditional Russian bathhouse or a classic Finnish sauna. If people choose a sauna, then, as a rule, they complement it with various modern accessories, including injecting nozzles for biosauna. It is also possible to build a bath according to traditions of other crops, such as Roman baths with dry air or Turkish baths with wet steam. Internal design and decoration depend on what experience of bath procedures you want to get.

Russian bath and Finnish sauna, in fact, are very similar. Both buildings are built on a tree from wood. Using various equipment and finishing, the atmosphere of dry steam room with a very high temperature (90-100 degrees Celsius) and dry air (humidity is not more than 10%) are achieved. Such baths are more effective against stress and are recommended for relaxation. It is the Russian bathhouse and the Finnish sauna that is present in most fitness halls and sports complexes of the world and sometimes they also add the premises of the Turkish wet bathhouse. In general, athletes and people of all ages use these types of baths to restore, detoxification and quick relaxation.

Typically, baths are built from a rounded log. Russian companies, such as a Russian house (site) use Angarsk pine or Siberian larch for construction. In general, pines, ate and larch are traditional materials for a bathhouse in our country. The logs pass steam and air well, but leave the heat and aroma of wood inside. In general, wooden baths and saunas are practical, comfortable and best suited to the Russian climate. Finns also use a tree, but their sauna architecture is slightly different, especially when it comes to modern buildings.

Roman baths are most often popular in sp-complexes and are rarely done in private houses. The temperature of the steam room of the Roman bathhouse is about 85 degrees, but often such baths consist of several rooms, one of which is for cooling. Turkish baths differ in that they have almost 100%humidity in them, but the temperature is only about 50 degrees. And Roman and Turkish baths are made from stone materials, not wood.

Modern saunas and baths make either in the classical style according to Finnish or Russian technology, or combine several types of saunas. The second option is more expensive, because it requires a special building architecture and special projects for ventilation and heating. Modernized combined complexes contain dry and wet paired rooms, and they often add an indoor pool or hydromassage baths // Cold).

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