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Metal entrance doors

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If you understand that your personal security, like the safety of your loved ones, depends on your efforts, then you probably came to the conclusion that the entrance doors are an extremely important element of the protection of the apartment from illegal penetration. Despite the facts indicating that the production of metal doors is developing steadily, and, which is especially pleasant, develops in domestic expanses, choosing a high-quality steel door is not so simple. Technical and operational characteristics should be on top, in addition, I would like the door itself to look attractive.

Be careful when ordering door structures in small, little-known one-day companies. If the door is much lighter than the usual metallic domestic production, the paint layer on the surface is thin, with defects, the metal sheet is bending from the pressure of the palm, then most likely you are offered a Chinese fake. Do not buy such products! If you see that the price of the door is much cheaper than the average market, think why the entrepreneur works at a loss. Is there any trick here? Choose reliable suppliers, check the reputation of the company, demand the appropriate certificates. Feel free, because you live behind this door.

The decor of the steel door can be very diverse, designed for any budget.

The most economical, affordable and, at the same time, the vinyl science is considered practical and attractive material for door decor. It does not absorb moisture, provides a high level of sound – and thermal insulation, does not require special care, but easily amenable to mechanical damage.

MDF wood-and-piece stove as a finish of metal doors has established itself in the best way. Externally MDF most often imitates natural wood. By the way, metal door structures are also finished with an array, but such doors are very expensive and belong to the elite class. MDF is much cheaper, moreover, it can also look not only as a tree, but also as other materials: a natural stone, for example.

The most common type of finish is powder coating. It durable, safely, reliably and effectively protects the metal surface from damage and atmospheric exposure. Most often, such a technology is used to decorate special, technical doors. However, the technology for applying powder coating is increasingly used not only for structures “working” in warehouses and in offices, but also for business class doors and exclusive products.

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