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How to hide the battery?

by bestchicago

Due to the rather severe Russian climate, heating batteries became one of the necessary things of residential real estate. Usually they are located in very noticeable places and can ruin the overall impression of the interior. Therefore, many try to hide batteries in any way.

You can make a special curtain for the battery, preferably from light fabric-for better heat passage or put any furniture structure. However, most often for this, decorative screens are used.

Decorative screens for hiding heating batteries

Such screens are made of plastic, metal or wood. The first is inexpensive, but if the temperature in the room is higher than the norm, they can distinguish toxic, dangerous to human health and pets substances.

Metal screens are also inexpensive. They are usually painted white, but if desired, you can independently color the factory products – draw a pattern or even a whole picture suitable for this paints, thereby transforming its surface and reviving the room. Metal screens are durable, resistant to temperature differences, have high heat transfer rates. When buying a metal screen, you need to remember that they are divided into different types and types depending on the type of radiator for which they are intended.

Wooden screens are often made to order or complete with a set of furniture. They differ in high price, so their production uses high-quality and expensive wood without any defects. Such screens must be protected from very high temperatures and high humidity – this can lead to their deformation.

Installation in the wall

In some cases, the batteries are mounted directly into the wall, but this is inappropriate in terms of accessibility, since if necessary, certain difficulties will arise, in addition, this is fraught with a significant loss of heat energy and damage to the wall covering.

If you do not want large radiators to take away the useful space of the room, pay attention to the systems of warm floors.

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