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How to glue the door

by bestchicago

If there is no money to change the door, but I still want to update it by giving them a normal appearance, you can easily solve this problem using a special self -adhesive film. Thanks to such a film and its skillful gluing, you can not only turn the door into a new one, but also significantly save on repair. You just need to know a couple of nuances.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the door for gluing. All dust and fat spots should be removed from it. In the event that the door was painted before, and the paint cracked on it, it should be fucked up, initially using hard sandpaper, and then smaller to avoid scratches.

After the door is wiped with a damp cloth. Now its surface is treated with a solution of soap and allowed to dry well. As a rule, plywood and chipboard are not processed on the doors, so before gluing the film, it is recommended to apply a primer, which has an acrylic base. When the primer dries, it passes slightly on it with sandpaper.

Already at the time of gluing the door, you need to remove from the loops and with the help of a shirt walk along the ends and near the loops themselves. Then the door is put back so that there is a gap in 1-2 mm. The doors are glued from the end 1-2 cm, scanning the film on the door, then move to the main part of the film, putting it on the bent edge. After gluing the film on its surface, you need to walk with a rag.

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