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DIY gypsum plasters

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If you decide to repair in the living room, but still do not know which type of coating should be paid special attention to the finish with drywall. Many prefer this decision for the ceiling for the fact that with its help you can get rid of significant irregularities in the foundation. In addition, one of the features can be distinguished, which lies in the fact that before the installation of such a ceiling, the base does not need preparation. That is, such a ceiling will be an excellent and only sure solution for the grounds that have cracks that are difficult to seal, the joints of the plates. With the help of this material, you can create unique interior solutions, including multi -level ceilings equipped with additional lighting.

After the repair in the house is completed, you can proceed to work on the site, because the construction of ponds and ponds can be done independently, or you can trust professionals.

Plasterboard ceilings are also preferred by those who intend to insulate the base, since the frame on which the material is held has a hollow space that can accommodate a significant layer of insulation. So, you can not only insulate the room, but also get additional sound insulation.

Among the additional advantages of this type of finish, one can distinguish the possibility of installation with your own hands, which distinguishes it from the stretch ceiling, because during the installation of the latter, additional materials and tools will be needed. For installation of drywall, you will need to prepare the frame. It should be taken into account, however, that such a ceiling will reduce the height of the room.

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