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Waterproofing of the floor of large and small areas

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The main enemy of the building is water. Moisture accumulates in the pores of those materials from which the object was erected. Due to temperature drops, it constantly changes its condition, subjecting to destructive overloads. Therefore, high -quality sexual insulation of the floor is so important. She should cover the entire area. Today, the market for waterproofing building materials offers a rich selection of various products, but not all of it is equally reliable.

It has proven itself such modern material as liquid rubber, which meets the highest quality requirements. It is environmentally friendly, not toxic and has waterproofing properties many times higher than the analogues. Distinguish one -component and two -component liquid rubber. One-component is a universal bitumen-polymer coating modified using high technologies. This substance does not require the second component for drying. It does not smell and meets fire safety requirements. Two -component is used as waterproofing and roofing material. It is made on the basis of water bitumen-polymer emulsion.

If the building has a large area, then for it the techniques and rapidflex materials designed for automated application are ideal for it. As a water -repellent coating, the techno -proof is the optimal ratio of high quality and low cost. It has a water base and does not contain harmful substances. Therefore, this material can be used not only to protect the roof moisture, but even in closed spaces to cover the floor, walls and foundation. Rapidflex is applied by cold spraying to objects of large area. When it dries, a bitumen membrane forms. It has a unique property of self -healing. That is, with stabbed damage to the film, the holes on it independently glue.

If the building has a small area, then for its protection from water it will be optimal to choose the materials of elastomix and manual elastopase application. Elastomix is ​​a mastic based on bitumen and polymers produced at the Pazkar Israeli factory. When drying, he forms a solid and elastic seamless film. She has extraordinary-horsepower clutch with any building materials. Elastomix is ​​applied with only one thick layer, unlike traditional coating materials. Elastopase is largely similar to elastomyx. This one -component rubber has not liquid, but pasty consistency. In hermetic packaging, it can be stored for several years in this state. In some cases, elastopase can be diluted with water for a more uniform application.

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