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The main equipment for the cafe

by bestchicago

The most significant equipment of any coffee shop is a coffee machine. The choice of coffee technology should be approached responsibly, because from how high quality and quickly it will weld coffee, the status of your institution will be numb.

Often in a cafe you can see geyser -type coffee makers. Coffee brewed in such devices is extremely strong and has a bright taste. But for the preparation and distribution of coffee drinks in catering sites (offices, canteens, supermarkets, etc. D.) Using hot drinks are used. In addition to real natural coffee, such devices can prepare hot chocolate, chocolate milk and tea.

The highest recognition was received by coffee machines for the preparation of espresso and drinks based on it. Automatic devices allow you to fully program the cooking process, moreover, only one thing is required of a person who uses such coffee makers – to replenish the compartment for cereal coffee and add water to the container. The coffee machine will make all other actions when clicking on the cooking button.

Such devices are produced by various performance, configuration and functional saturation. In the price range from twenty to forty thousand rubles, you can choose a good option for a home or office. The cost of the technique is influenced by various factors, including the presence of functions, such as heating cups, built -in coffee grinders, nozzles for whipping milk (cappuccinators), whether the machine has automatic cleaning from scale and others. Each individual manufacturer complements its models with various “bells and ground” and devices that simplify the process of making drinks.

To date, when opening a cafe or for installation on the office, it is not even necessary to buy a coffee machine, it can simply be rented. Most self -respecting coffee companies rent coffee machines of various modifications, subject to the purchase of coffee. Such a service may be interesting to small entrepreneurs who have just discovered their work. Despite the fact that the grain coffee itself will be a little more expensive than in the retail network, coffee equipment will not cost a dime. Moreover, the repair of coffee machines and its service is carried out for free, there will be a free service and delivery of coffee.

Coffee business, whether it is a cafeteria, vending devices or just supplying coffee to offices, is gaining momentum in our country. Every year, the consumption of coffee in Russia increases, which means it is time to purchase a good coffee machine and delight yourself and guests with magnificent drinks.

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