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DIY furniture decor

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To make the interior newer, it is unnecessary to make a brand new repair and take brand new furniture. After all, there are many options for decor furniture and walls.

But if, for example, the decoration of the walls for the most part takes into account their repainting, gluing vinyl stickers, then the decor of furniture with your own hands allows much more chances for the personification of ideas. Playing with the same vinyl stickers makes it possible to stylize body and modular furniture.

The color of obsolete lockers with stencil consumption makes it possible to achieve unique effects. Furniture made of wood is very often subjected to unnatural aging of the decoration option, at which one or other components acquire a specific plaque, color, cracks for antiquity.

There are several methods for aging craquelure, breasting, patining, staining stain. They can be combined, used separately everything depends largely on the desired final effect.

But in each case, the effect is one – the furniture acquires an antique look, and this is a good opportunity to fit it into a specific image: country, Provence, vintage. Very entertaining technique for decorating genius.

Glizal is a translucent painting that, when applied to the plane, organizes an textured coating. The texture depends largely on the tool, how it is applied. As a rule, this is a textured roller, a firm brush, part of cellophane, suede, sponge.

Decoupage of furniture another decor technique. Photo under the number of objects embellished with decoupage can be seen below. The option itself involves applying applications to a furniture surface, which makes it possible to achieve the action of a drawn pattern, picture.

For applications, you can use napkins with images printed on the drawing printer. If, for example, you are interested in the possibilities of furniture decor, the photo-selection of the website will make it possible to regard the merits and opportunities of very popular techniques.

Furniture decor using simple ceramic tiles, photography under number 1

Vinyl gluing in the decor of furniture, photography under number 2

Furniture coloring with stencils, photography under number 3

Combining technology decoupage and craquelure, photography under number 4

Krakelyur technique in the decor of wood furniture, photography under number 5

Applications of their comics, photography under number 6

Decor option – decoupage, photo under number 7

Type of how you can embellish the kitchen furniture, photo under number 8

Bracing woody dresser, photography under the number 9

Unnatural aging of woody bed, photography under number 10

Workshop Coloring nightstand, photo under number 11

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