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Construction of wooden houses.

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After all, wooden houses are built of natural material, and no brick and concrete are able to compete in beauty with a house built from a wooden log house. Of course, such luxury is not available to everyone, and the possession of a wooden house is considered a sign of prosperity, style, and taste.

Imagine yourself the owner of such a chic house made of wood, you return home from a trip or work, approach the door and feel the smell of a tree, especially if it is a spruce. Entering the house, you feel great, the air is especially pleasant, the wood constantly maintains a special humidity regime. A house made of wood, unlike concrete, does not protect a person by nature, his wooden walls breathe, and provide ventilation, and natural air exchange. Life in such a house has a beneficial effect on the human body, in such a house it is good to sleep well, the air at home, as if in the forest, it will improve your tone, give vigor.

Why did the construction of wooden houses become so popular? The construction of such a house takes much less time than a house from any other material. All that you need to prepare wooden log cabins in the construction, and build a house from them. At home from concrete, they require the construction of walls, decoration, insulation, and so on.

Previously, wooden houses resembled each other, today you can order a house that will reflect your internal style, you can give it a special uniqueness. In it, as in concrete, you can carry out a sewer, install heating. Such a house is much faster, it will take only a few hours. What can not be said about concrete, if it is left in the winter, then returning home he will be deployed much longer, dampness will divorce, and you will have to constantly maintain temperature in his house.

Of course, the log cabins, from which wooden houses are being built, have advantages and disadvantages. Thick wooden log cabins are frost -resistant, they poorly conduct sound and heat, and also have high strength. Among the shortcomings are knots, cracks and humidity of the wood itself, and at the same time it is little important factors as if you buy or order a house from good builders, then the wood of your house will be extremely dried with special equipment, and covered with protective equipment that protect the house from fire.

Start dreaming of such a house, imagine how you take care of it, how to restore order, how nice to breathe in such a house, despite the fact that you live in the middle of the fuss and polluted air, from exhaust gases of machines. And maybe someday, you decide on the purchase or construction of the most ecological house, a house made of wood.

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