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Construction of fruit storages and vegetable stores

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Vegetables and fruits are included in the diet of most inhabitants of our country, but they rarely fall on the tables of people directly from the garden. Most foods go a serious way from the bed to the store, sometimes even crossing several cities and even countries. All the time when vegetables and fruits are not on the way, they are stored in special warehouses. These warehouses are called fruit storages and vegetable stores. The construction of such structures is engaged in special organizations. As they write to the site so that fruits are stored for a long time, without losing appearance and taste, they must be kept in conditions of certain humidity and temperature. Building materials, decoration and modern technologies help to achieve such a result.

Fruit storage is much more complicated than storing other food products. The purpose of the fruit storage is to keep the fruits from further maturation. It all starts with a decrease in the temperature of the product in refrigerators with relatively high humidity. This stops the metabolism of the fetus (breathing and, therefore, the biological process of maturation), but does not dehydrate the fruit.

Some types of fruits are cooled quickly with the help of some systems, while other fruits are cooled gradually with other systems. All this requires various know-how and types of equipment in stock. Fruits affect the choice of equipment, design of fruit storage and the introduction of certain storage and cooling technologies.

Many types of fruits can really be stored up to 2x and 4 times longer, if you use special technologies that allow you to control the level of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene in the storage chamber. The level of oxygen is reduced in order to slow down metabolism even more. For the same purposes, the levels of carbon dioxide are changed and, if necessary, the level of ethylene.

The fruit storage chamber itself is important, and not just the temperature control system, humidity and gases. The fruit storage should be built in such a way that the camera is insulated not only to control the temperature inside it, but also to seal steam and gas. The compaction of the doors is especially important, the design of which should meet strict requirements.

Structures for storing fruits and vegetables, like any other refrigeration chambers, as a rule, are built according to the turnkey method. They are ordered from special companies that are engaged in the construction of agricultural facilities. Experience in the field of design, construction and maintenance of agricultural facilities and especially refrigeration warehouses is extremely important for firms that offer services of this kind.

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