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Unusual houses with a durable frame. Fahverk.

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There is a wide variety of beautiful houses, the idea and layout of which is calculated jointly by architects and designers. Construction companies carry out the construction of private cottages on all kinds of technologies, taking into account the wishes of the customer or on the finished project. Each option has its own characteristics and style, close to this or that person. One of the interesting building structures is called the Fachwerk.

Fahver houses stand out very much against the background of any other structures and not only visually. In such buildings, the bearing wall is a whole section of the beams that are located at different angles of inclination. The frame in the Fakhverkoy house forms a whole appearance of the house.

External beams, which are the main distinguishing feature of the end of the end of the house, are not only a functional supporting system, but also a visual element. There are beams from the outside of the house, so it is quite difficult not to notice such a structure. In a number of European countries, such houses are built whole streets and most of the towns are built, which creates an unusual atmosphere and a pleasant aesthetic look.

The construction technology of Fahverk-Doma dictates special conditions, but for lovers of this style, many Russian companies offer a service to design and build them. Do not think that such buildings were erected only in the Middle Ages, their popularity does not subside to this day. You can ask the construction company to calculate the prices for the fachwerk for your request and order such a building as a country house or cottage.

Fahver houses are built according to the method of installing a hard supporting frame made of racks, horizontal beams and braces. These same slabs or diagonal beams are the most remarkable element of the structure. Thanks to these slants, the house receives a more durable and tough frame and this is another well -known advantage of such a structure. Modern Fahver houses are slightly different in terms of construction than their ancient analogies due to improved technologies. It is also worth noting that the fajverk houses now call any rack-bearing beam structures built according to similar technology, although the original fajaverk is most striking with diagonal beams than analogues. In any case, if we are talking about the very technological base, then all such buildings are characterized by increased strength of the frame, but if we are talking about design, then any construction company will offer you everything that your soul wants: a modern option or the same way as you did in the middle Ages.

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