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Stainless steel and its composition

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Stainless steel was invented as a metal that can withstand the effects of aggressive media. It guarantees the safety of various designs, long -lived buildings and structures, and even hygiene of food surfaces. Stainless steel is also considered a favorable material for our planet, since it can be re -melted and created each time new products from the same ingredient. Therefore, such a large amount of rental is made precisely from stainless steel.

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Stainless steel is always made with chromium, which increases corrosion resistance, forming a film of chromium oxide on steel. This is a very thin layer. The minimum amount of chromium for creating stainless steel is 10.5%.

There are other elements that are used to create stainless steel, including nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum. The unification of these elements together creates various crystalline structures that add various properties to the material during processing, welding or formation.

There are four main types of stainless steel. Of them austenitic is the most widely used. This type contains at least 7% of the nickel, which makes it very flexible. It is used for different purposes – from creating dishes to industrial pipelines, building structures and architectural facades.

Ferritic stainless steel has properties similar to low -carbon steel, but better corrosion resistance. This type has become widely used in washing machines, boilers and for architectural forms indoors.

Martensitic stainless steel is a very solid and durable type of steel, which contains 13% chromium and is used to create knives and turbine blades.

There is also a duplex stainless steel, which is a composite material obtained from austenitic and ferritic steel. This steel is simultaneously strong and flexible. Duplex steel is used in shipbuilding and pulp industries, as well as in the petrochemical industry.

Stainless steel is a universal material. She will retain her properties for many years. Stainless steel products have a longer service life, and also require less maintenance costs.

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