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Parquet tinting

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Parquet tinting

Toning is a change in color through special means. Traditional varieties of parquet have somewhat bored and already boring yellow-brown color, which has long been out of fashion. Modern designs of interiors of residential premises prefer flooring, including parquet of dark tones, or vice versa a whitened, light shades of wood color. If you already have a parquet in your house, change its color without changing the parquet, you can by tinting. With the help of tinting, a parquet tree can be given a variety of colors and shades, on pink or green to white, it all depends only on your imagination and your taste, while the natural pattern of wood will be preserved. By the way, the reinforced concrete fence on glasses is now very popular, almost all of it is installed.

The traditional way of tinting is the application of the so -called stains. A stain is applied to the polished and purified surface, which gives the wood a different shade, leaving the structure of the tree unchanged. After applying the stain to the floor, several layers of varnish should be applied. Due to the fact that the tree has a heterogeneous structure, the stain is absorbed into it unevenly and this allows the wood pattern will receive greater brightness and severity. Unprofessional tinting parquet can lead to great uneven and stripes of coloring.

You can change the color of the parquet with multi -colored oil. The intensity of the color will depend on the number of layers of this such oil. The relative disadvantage of this tinting method is that due to the fact that the oil passes deep into wood, it will be impossible to use varnish coating in relation to the parquet in the future.

Using multi -colored varnishes for a parquet board, you can give the coating any color at your discretion. After some time, if there is a desire, you can easily change the color of your gender with a varnish of a different color.

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