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Installation for spraying polyurethane of the initial level of Reactor E-10.

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The high cost of energy currents currently requires effective energy saving measures. One of the main measures for energy saving is the thermal insulation of residential and industrial premises in order to reduce thermal losses.

Thermal insulation of polyurethane foam (PPU) is considered one of the best methods.

Consider what and how you can thermal insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam.

Where it is preferable to use sprayed polyurethane foam as thermal insulation:

– insulation of flat roofs,

– insulation from the inside of slate and tiled roof,

– Warming of metal hangars,

– insulation of rapidly vested frame houses,

– Thermal and refrigerator heat insulation,

– insulation of vegetable stores and granaries,

– Thermal insulation of technological containers in the food industry.

The initial components for the sprayed PPU: isoement and poliol. When mixing these fluids at a certain temperature and in a certain ratio, a chemic reaction occurs, as a result of which the porous structure of polyurethane foam is formed. It is the closed pores of the polyurethane foam that determine the thermal insulation properties of the PPU.

Special installations are used to spray polyureture foam, such Reactor installations, Graco (USA) production. Installation warms up the initial components to a given temperature and under pressure up to 100 bar, supplies these components through thermally insulated hoses to a spray gun. In the pistol, these components are mixed, and at the output of the pistol-spray, a stream of mixed material is formed, which is directed to the surface on which it is necessary to spray. You can learn more about Reactor installations here here

The most popular among contractors who spray polyurethane foam are the installation of the initial Reactor E-10, high-performance installation Reactor E-30 and Reactor E-XP2.

Characteristics can be found in the Penopoulyeritan equipment catalog

Installation of the initial level of Reactor E-10 is a good option for starting a business on applying PPU. Reactor E-10 characteristics

The lowest price from the entire series of Reactor installations. Compact and simple in circulation. Works from the network 220V. The maximum length of the hoses in this installation is -33 meters allows you to spray in hard -to -reach places. Mobility and the ability to work from the 220V network allow the use of the Reactor E-10, both in the residential sector and industrial platforms. The regular Reactor E-10 containers of 25 liters allow you to work with a small number of initial components of polyurethane foam, which is very relevant when performing small volumes of work.

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