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High-quality underwear from the manufacturer Almaz-Textile

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And now you have chosen furniture for your home, now you need to choose bedding for her. The choice in the market is also great. From inexpensive luxury class.

But so that bedding does not break at the first wash, it is necessary to approach this issue more responsibly, and possibly with the involvement of more experienced housewives. For example, light and white cotton and linen fabrics are checked with boiling at 95 degrees. In color linen “stability” is lower, so always pay attention to the label, on which the permissible washing temperature should be indicated.

Materials from which a huge number can be made. This is a chintz, and calico, and cotton, and synthetics and even silk. What to choose depends on your taste preferences. The heavier the fabric, the stronger it is. To words, on the calico sheets you will sleep longer than on the batistes.

Diamond-textiles offers high-quality bedding and not only linen for various categories of citizens. The color palette and coloring is also very diverse.

In order not to fail with linen, you can use the following simple tips. And so, the first – bedding should be suitable for the interior and style of your bedroom. Second important aspect – material from which bedding is made. He should not cause unpleasant sensations.  The best choice is linen from natural fabrics. Such a material as flax, servile and silk in contact with the human body create a sense of comfort and do not cause allergic reactions of the body.

The next point to which you should pay attention to – color palette. Scientists have proven that color and texture can have a different psychological effect on the general state of a person. The most common palette that does not go out of fashion is classic pastel colors and white color.

Also, bedding can be performed using different finishes. It can be ruffles, festons, embroidery. And it can be very elegant – various forms, applications, sewing and lace.

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