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High -quality glazing of balconies: price for every taste

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In addition to repairing living rooms, you should take care of the competent design of the balcony structure, because a cozy microclimate in the whole house depends on it. The correct glazing of balconies, the price of which corresponds to the effectiveness of the work performed, turn the structure into an additional living space. The most practical solution for various loggias is the installation of plastic window products. This type of translucent products will perfectly insulate the balcony extension, provide sound insulation, hermetic protection against bad weather, draft and dust. In addition, metal -plastic profiles will last the maximum term, they are highly strengths, are famous for the resistance to adverse climatic conditions, damage and wear processes.

You can order professional glazing of the balcony room at low cost at the “4th floor of the window from and to”. Competent experts make loggias in various ways, among which are ordinary, remote, panoramic glazing and “turnkey” arrangement, including insulation, as well as a comprehensive decoration of the structure. In the assortment of the company, plastic systems of categories “Economy”, “Standard”, “Maximum” and a great selection of components for different opportunities.

Practical glazing of balconies: Price for each

Installation brigades “4th floor” glance balcony areas for various wishes and the provided budget.

If you need economical arrangement of the balcony extension, the wizard will install a cheap 3-chamber type of Windom Eco, equipped with a Reze Turkish Furniture system and a 1-chamber heat-saving glass block. This proposal guarantees noise insulation, maintaining a comfortable temperature, hermetic insulation from precipitation and prolonged service.

Products of the three-chamber structure of KBE 58 with Ukrainian Axor fittings, as well as a 2-chamber heat-insulating double-glazing window, will provide more efficient thermal protection. This option will save from noise, retain heat, will forget about dampness, draft, it has a long term of operation and a stylish design.

In the category of energy -saving window structures, it is recommended to purchase a Rehau 70 profile with a two -chamber insulation glass block and accessories from Austria MASO. Such a 5-chamber model soundproof, durable, wear-resistant and elegant.

Available glazing of balconies: Price with magnificent savings

The company provides customers with a 60-month guarantee, good discount, bonuses and excellent promotional offers. Call the company measurer and use delivery – free.

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