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Electric motor breakdowns: when the device needs rewinding

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Any electric motor, under the influence of various factors, loses its former functionality or completely breaks. Most often, excessive heating affects the disallation of the equipment. Of course, there are other causes of problems with engines, for example, the pressure of centrifugal force in the process of rotation, dynamics, humidity, vibration, harmful environment, mud entering the mechanisms, and so on. All this can affect the electric motor, and especially the insulation of engine windings. But, nevertheless, heating is the most common factor in engine problems. The fact is that the high temperature affects the design of the device, which in turn destroys the insulation material. This does not happen right away, but when this happens, moisture, dirt, vibrations and other causes of engines, become many times more dangerous for the device. On an engine with damaged insulation, you will notice abundant oil and dusty pollution on the winding. In addition, the equipment will vibrate excessively and this is also an alarming bell.

The engine with problems should be given to the master for repairs. A very important point in such a repair is a good cleaning of the entire structure of dirt, despite the fact that the winding is important for the device, the napkin is cleaned with gasoline. The engine return to work is possible only after all the problems have been corrected, but if the engine damage was unfixed during technical repair, then the engine will require a full major overhaul.

The overhaul of the electric motor includes rewinding the electric motor. By the way, rewinding electric motors in Moscow is carried out in special workshops. For example, in the company Energo-guarantor, electrical equipment repair, including rewinding the electric motor.

The rewinding of an electric motor is a technological process that includes a set of work. First, the old winding is removed, paying attention to how the insulation has been preserved. Then a new winding is selected according to various factors and it is wound on coils, and after the coil is welded according to the electronic scheme. The device after this procedure is required to be impregnated with varnish to create additional. insulation, and then the structure is dried in the furnace. When all preparatory work is over, the engine is mounted back into the mechanism and conduct tests of its serviceability.

The portal projects resembles that the rewinding of the electric motor winding will reduce the effectiveness of the functioning of the structure, but the repair of the electric motor is much cheaper than buying a new. Thus, it is much more profitable to carry out repairs. We wish you high -quality electrical equipment and its long -term work.

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