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Clinker brick

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Ceramic building material, which is made of clay raw materials, is fired until complete sintering, and is used for paving. It is created similarly by ceramic, from special raw materials – refractory clays, and at a higher temperature. Such sintering gives him durability and incredible strength. In addition, clinker brick has a number of characteristics that will not leave anyone indifferent – frost resistance, wear resistance, low porosity, is not subjected to acids, salts and alkalis. Caring for such brick is very simple – water and ordinary hard brush. When the paths of paths, it can be laid on a rib or flat side – this view will not spoil, the main desire. Figure clinker is also used. More often this happens when the sites, paths or for overlapping the porch as an architectural element. By the way, if you still do not know how to buy at an auction, then visit the site and learn everything there.

In landscape design, this is one of the most popular materials. Creating unique corners, and contributing to the fantasies of the design, the forms of this brick work miracles. It also cannot be replaced in prosaic things, such as terraces, drains, entrances for cars and courtyards. It always goes well with the surrounding space and retains its color, and this only pleases. In comparison with other building materials, it is absolutely environmentally friendly, produced only from clay and water, without using all kinds of chemical additives. But there is a facade clinker. And from his name it is clear where it can be used: framing doors and windows, columns, buildings basements. And for complete ideality, colored ceramic clinker brick is used. Its second name is the clinker glazed brick. Meet with a glossy surface and matte, the color can be selected depending on the taste of the customer and in accordance with the design. After all, I would like to preserve the original appearance for many years, and the clinker brick will allow you to fulfill such a desire.

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