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Advantages of sectional garage gates

by bestchicago

Almost on the territory of each country house or cottage there is a garage. Until recently, the choice of garage gates was not very large, so many car owners acquired uncomfortable metal double gates. Undoubtedly, these products are strong and reliable, but a lot of space is needed to open them. In addition, the metal swing gates are overwhelmed and poorly open during severe frosts due to the fact that the lubricant is freezing inside the loops and the lock.

That is why the Garajnievorota sectional garage garage, MSI, will be an excellent solution for the garage. Until now, some owners of garages do not want to put sectional structures, motivating this by the fact that such products are blown and jammed. These problems arise due to poor -quality installation, so it is necessary to use the services of companies with a good reputation.

The sectional gates are a design that consists of galvanized plates covered with a coloring composition. A special coating protects steel from corrosion, as a result of which the service life of the products increases. The gate plates are interconnected using loops, and the space inside the sections is filled with insulation (polyurethane). Organic filler provides thermal insulation properties of these structures.

Thanks to the excellent clutch of steel and organic filler, the mechanical strength of the products increases. Many people think that the metal gates also do not give heat if they are insulated with foam. To do this, attach a foam with a thickness of five centimeters to a metal canvas. In fact, this thickens the structure and makes it not very attractive. And the thermal conductivity of foam is much higher than thermal conductivity. Sectional structures can be opened manually or automatically. It is possible to install a gate.

Advantages of sectional garage gates:

• successful design;

• a huge number of color solutions and textures of sections coating, which allows you to choose the optimal solution for each specific case;

• saving space before entering the garage and inside it;

• convenience in management;

• high thermal insulation characteristics;

• silent work;

• the ability to install in large doorways. Undoubtedly, the price of sectional above the cost of swing gates. But also the advantages of such designs are larger. Typically, installing such structures does not take much time, experts mount the gate in just a few hours.

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