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What is hard water?

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Hard water is water with a high content of dissolved minerals. Soft water has a relatively low concentration of minerals. All types of water, with the exception of carefully distilled, will have a certain content of minerals, since water is an excellent solvent and it easily connects to substances and comes into contact with them. But the high content of minerals in water may be a problem. Hard water is usually not harmful, but it can reduce the bracket of household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers.

The most common minerals dissolved in household waters are calcium and magnesium, although other minerals may be present. These substances are quite harmful to household appliances when they precipitate, forming a characteristic plaque in pipes and around the channels. If the plaque cannot be removed promptly, then it will accumulate and score pipes, repairing water heaters, dishwashers, which can’t cope with minerals on their own.

Most people pay attention to hard water not at all because of the scale, but because their soap ceases to foam. Soap and detergents really poorly form a foam in water, which contains minerals. As a result, people tend to use a larger amount of soap and cleaning products to wash or wash the dishes.

In addition, it is also hard to wash in hard water. Many people feel slightly dirty even after a shower if they have hard water. In addition, minerals leave a precipitate in the hair, which makes them naughty.

There are several ways to cope with hard water. In some cases, it can be filtered even until the moment when it gets into household pipes. But this is an expensive way. The problem can also be solved by the use of chemicals to soften water, which remove dissolved minerals.

People who have hard water flowing from the crane at home can use special detergents and washing powders. Some cosmetic companies even develop special shower products that help to wash properly, having hard water at home. These soaps and shampoos remove mineral accumulations and soften water during washing.

It is very important to monitor pipes and household appliances if the water in the taps is full of minerals. You need to constantly remove savings and deposits. For water heaters, dishwashers and other equipment there are special filters that are fixed on the valves of the pipes and before water enters the device system, it is filtered.

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