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The liquid wallpaper

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Liquid wallpaper is considered environmentally friendly finishing material. They have a microporous structure, so they have increased sound and thermal insulation. Walls under liquid wallpaper “breathe”. Attention should be paid to the fact that a preparatory layer for this type of wallpaper should be a layer of oil paint or alkyd primer, which are considered safe for health. However, the use of these materials sometimes confuses buyers who give preferences to environmentally friendly materials. Liquid wallpaper has extraordinary elasticity. By the way, if you are interested in Kirillovka hotels, rest on the Sea of ​​Azov, then on the site -you can find a lot of useful and interesting information, as well as you can order a room at the Kirillovka hotel. The disadvantages of liquid wallpaper include water. It is eliminated by applying a layer of varnish to the wallpaper, though after that the effect of “breathing” walls disappears. On the other hand, if you paint the surface of liquid wallpaper, then such a coating can be used in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Paint or varnish applied to the surface of the wallpaper does not allow to seep inside the structure of moisture and soot coating, as well as spots in the kitchen are easily removed from such a surface. Liquid wallpaper is divided into two types that differ from each other in the structure of fibers. Liquid wallpaper of the first type is applied with a layer of 2-3 mm, the thickness of the layer of the second type 4-5 mm. The second type of wallpaper looks more voluminous and resembles the fabric. In order to prepare the composition that will be applied to the walls, you need to add water to the dry mixture of the composite. The mixture is infused for 10-15 minutes, then the dye is added and everything is thoroughly mixed. The diluted mixture is applied using a roller, a spray gun with a pressure of 0.4-0.5 MPa and spatula. The use of a hopper pistol is recommended, which allows you to increase the speed of applying a composite. Fill the container with the cooked mixture and applied to the walls under air pressure. In the process of applying wallpaper to the wall, you can give the texture a picture using rolling.

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