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Real estate insurance of citizens

by bestchicago

Individuals can insure their various property – residential and household buildings, rooms, housing and much more, including even decoration and individual structural elements of housing. Property can be insured against accidents of various communication networks, fires, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. As in the case of CASCO, the insurance amount is calculated from the value of the insured property at the time of the conclusion of the insurance contract, therefore, before signing documents, property must be evaluated. The insurance company determines the cost of the insurance policy based on the insurance amount, tariffs of the company, available discounts and benefits. If an insured event has occurred, the amount of payment depends on the damage caused. Many companies through which you buy an apartment can also suggest how and where to insure it. In some cases, even a discount can be organized if the company has agreements with insurers. Having bought real estate without intermediaries, you can contact the insurance company yourself, but do not forget to do market monitoring in this direction so as not to overpay or find yourself in the hands of an unscrupulous insurer (it is worth doing this even if someone advises you an insurance company, Including the company through which real estate is purchased). In general, buying an apartment, do not forget to provide it with the necessary security systems. This is not only security, it is also a fire and flooding sensors. Many firms offer whole complex monitoring systems and take all installations. Now, by the way, it is very popular and affordable in price, and it comes out cheaper than property insurance.

If you decide to insure yourself, then remember that the amount of the restoration of the insured property is calculated from the value of the necessary materials necessary for repair, the repair itself and related costs, which will allow the property to return to the state in which it was before the insured event.

However, in Russia, car insurance is more popular, in particular, the CASCO program, since most of our fellow citizens believe that cars are more susceptible to damage. The insured car provides a calmer drive, especially given the situation on the roads and criminal activity. And about the house you should think in the same way.

Damage to property can be caused for a variety of reasons, but most often this is due to the carelessness of the owners and unwillingnesses to use the ner amount for insurance. However, the standard of living and the general economic situation in the country are gradually increasing, which allows us to hope for increasing the demand for real estate insurance.

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