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How to repair the kitchen correctly

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How to repair the kitchen correctly


How to repair the kitchen correctly

Starting the repair of the kitchen, many are faced with various problems. This happens to those who still do not imagine what a new renovated kitchen will look like. It is as difficult to make high -quality repairs independently as buying a cash register with registration without special knowledge. If you want the repair and design of your kitchen to be at the highest level, then you need to listen to the opinion of professionals. The following are several useful tips.

Fashion should not be in the first place

When choosing materials for finishing the kitchen, pay attention to fashion trends. However, do not forget that the fashion for the finish in one or another style lasts a maximum of three years. If you plan to make a good repair for several years ahead, give preference to the classic:

floor flooring;

Washing wallpaper or painting walls;

stretch ceiling;

Windows and doors from natural materials.

During the repair in the kitchen, regret the sockets. The more of them, the less problems you will have with the connection of kitchen electrical appliances.

Do not use ordinary paper wallpapers in the kitchen. They will become unusable too quickly. Because they cannot be washed from fat and other traces.

Cabinets to the ceiling and additional light sources

For apartments with low ceilings, it is better to purchase high kitchen cabinets. They will save you from the need to wipe the dust from the top of the furniture, and also provide more space for storing kitchen utensils.

During the repair, you should take care of the light. The kitchen should be light. Daylight sources can be combined with artificial. Above the dining table, you can hang a lamp with a warm light.

If you decide to entrust the repair of the kitchen to professionals, then make sure that they have all the relevant documents for work. Cash register bar M – of course, an optional device for finisors and designers. But photos with examples of their work should be in the portfolio.

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