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Heating with solid fuel boilers

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Such heating is often bought by those people who have summer houses or for special enterprises. The boilers have their differences. Such heating is often bought by those people who have summer houses or for special enterprises. The boilers have their differences. It can be:

– different functions and the presence of some details;

– The cost of boilers is different and, of course, differ in such products and quality.

The boilers, of course, are economical, as the fuel is cheap. For example, here you can burn not only firewood, but also chips and coal. You can buy high-quality solid fuel boilers on the Neon-Ltd website. . .

Heating system

But the difference here is also considerable, since if you bought a multifunctional and economical boiler with high efficiency, then in this case you can really save a lot of money. But if you purchased a boiler with low efficiency, then there is no longer to talk about savings.

It can be said for sure that if in such cases the efficiency will differ by only 10 percent, then the cost of fuel will increase. Choosing a boiler today is not difficult. But in order to choose it, you need to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. This can be done on the Internet.

A good boiler should have warranty service, in addition, it should be popular among the population.

Where boilers are used

Typically, such boilers can be used:

– in cottages and private houses;

– in warehouses and in garage complexes;

– in kindergartens and shopping complexes;

– Hotels and rest houses.


Today there are boilers that have an automatic control system. In this case, you just need to indicate the desired temperature, and the boiler will support it throughout the day, regardless of how the weather will change on the street. In addition, automation allows full control over hot water supply.

This kind of automatic control is beneficial in that there is practically nothing to do to a person here. The boiler device is simple. There is a special bunker for loading all types of fuel, the boiler can be cleaned quickly during the maintenance, so there are special doors for this, which are located on the front side of the device.

It is impossible not to say a few words about the reliability of this type of boilers. Its case, as a rule, is made of thick steel, the sheathing has high strength and can withstand high temperatures. If we talk about the life of the boilers, then it can be more than 15 years.


You can supplement and say that the boilers differ in safety, due to their design and automation. If you want to load coal in the boiler, then the system automatically closes the air blowing system.

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