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Features of decoration of trees with garlands

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To create a festive atmosphere, many people are not limited to decorating only their dwellings. Often for this purpose, the adjacent territory is also decorated, and in particular, trees. To turn them into shining, fairy -tale plants, various luminous garlands are most often used. Such illumination has not only aesthetic, but also a practical function – it perfectly illuminates the yard or street at night.

Clip Light Spider is one of the popular LED jewelry, hanging on branches, which has not only an attractive appearance, but is also economical and durable.

Installation of garlands for trees is usually carried out in two ways: vines or bandit. In the first case, the rays of LED jewelry hang freely from the branches, in the second – tightly wrap the barrel. The bandage option has a more spectacular appearance and is suitable for the time of year, when there are no leaves on plants.

A garland on a tree is attached in a certain order, which allows you to achieve various light effects. The choice of a suitable design method depends on the height and branchiness of the plant. A thick crown is best decorated in the depths and out. On trees with a small number of garland branches are placed along their perimeter.

To turn the plant into a luminous miracle, jewelry must be carefully wrapped in branches and trunk. In this case, the turns usually have a distance equal to 15 to 25 cm. The most optimal option is 20 cm. In this case, it will be possible to save the garland economically, and the tree will look equally beautiful both near and from afar.

It is advisable to install special devices on the branches – the branches. It is also often practiced connecting modules that have separately power.

Original LED melting icicles look original on the trees

. During the glow, such a decoration creates the effect of a luminous rolling drop.

The color of garlands for decorating trees can be any: blue, yellow, red, blue, white, green. It is possible to combine several shades at once, shimmering among themselves. A cold-white color with a flicker effect looks best on the trees. The yellow tone is also popular. Several trees decorated in different colors look original. They give brightness to the common picture and create an amazing contrast against the background of a night street or building.

Recommended amount of garland clip light on wood, depending on the height of the barrel.

up to 3m: 20-60m. from 3 to 5m: 50-100m. from 5 to 8m: 100-300m. from 8 to 12m: 200-300m. from 10 to 20m: 300-500m.

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