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Aluminum – light non -colored metal. A modern person, quite possibly, has a pair of caste from this material at home and even knows that it is not customary to boil milk in them. Those who have better memory may remember that the bear from Nosov’s stories used aluminum shavings (his son from his mother’s pan made a frying pan) to make Bengal lights.

In fact, this metal is not as simple and bored as it would seem.

Aluminum has a high reactionary ability. More precisely, I would have. In the air, it is instantly covered with an oxide film, which prevents its interaction with other substances. But, with the right approach, you can get rid of the film. The easiest way is to “cleansing with mercury”. This reaction must be carried out in the laboratory, Mercury is toxic.

Pure aluminum can interact with water with an explosion, which makes aluminum even more attractive substance.

In addition, it burns beautifully in halogen, which, apparently, is based on the principle of Bengal lights.

Who does not have a pan at home, do not be discouraged that you did not get involved with aluminum. In fact, due to its plasticity and non-toxicity, the metal is used in the manufacture of foil, which is used as a wrapper for chocolate and sweets.

However, aluminum can also harm the human body. For example, in contact with a complex of calcium and fluorine in a person’s dental enamel (a complex of calcium and fluorine is insoluble in water), aluminum is able to replace calcium, forming an already soluble complex. Emalus, from this, is destroyed. That is why this metal cannot be made with the teeth.

In addition to all its beneficial chemical properties, aluminum is also used as precious metall. For example, quite beautiful jewelry in Japan is made from it.

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